Pocket Scents – Our New Website Release

Happy New Year from Pocket Scents

At Pocket Scents we decided to completely make over our website for 2021 and are now pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website. After several months of working behind the scenes we are thrilled to officially make known its release to our customers. Since the perfume industry is always evolving we felt that our website needed to reflect the changes we saw in the market.

Our 5 New Products Are Now Here for 2021

Great websites are now becoming more customer-focused, clean and professional, and user friendly throughout. On our new website we will continue to update you on our latest product launches (5 new products) are coming soon and we will update you on their release dates. If you would like to be part of our new newsletter we can make sure that you are the first person to hear about our pre-release dates.

Check Out Our Best Sellers Last Year

Purple Gourmand 50ml Extrait De Parfum

Purple gourmand opens with a sweet caramel kissed with coffee, the heart of the fragrance introduces pear sprinkled with coconut and encased in a floral…

Raspberry & Vanilla 50ml Extrait de Parfum

Zesty, Creamy & Fruity, Raspberry&Vanilla opens up with raspberry, lemon and a fizzy bergamot, in the mid red berries and rose otto join and are doused in almond milk before drying down…

Oud Wood 50ml eau de parfum

A premium take on our old favourite Oud Wood – beautiful Brazilian rosewood and oud blended into a smooth elegant perfume that…

Here is a selection of Pocket Scents Best Sellers

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  1. Tony Daley says:

    Your website is fantastic Matt well done

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