Pocket Scents Have Released 4 New Fragrances for 2021

Pocket Scents Have Released 4 New Fragrances for 2021
Welcome to our new Pocket Scents blog we are excited for the new things we are doing as a company and want to share the news with you guys. We have just launched our brand new website for the New Year 2021. We hope this will be a great year for you and the family as we journey together into this New Year.

Matt is a talent Perfumer based in Glasgow who has a passion to bring the best smells to his customers, he often meets them and shows them all his new ideas. Currently Matt has been working on 4 new unisex fragrances and decided to launch them for the New Year, learn more about them below.

Chocolate Orange is a gorgeous olfactory tribute to one of the most popular combinations in confectionary. Everyone will instantly recognise this familiar scent and your mouth may be watering when you spray our new creation.

The rich sweetness of chocolate and the zest of orange are perfect partners. Combined with subtle hints of chilli, coffee and the warmth of amber they make for an irresistible gourmand scent that will keep you coming back for more. Though undeniably sweet and seductive, this fragrance is also very well balanced and wearable.
Indulge yourself with a treat that can be enjoyed every day with Chocolate Orange!

Cherry Tobacco is a luxurious and enticing scent which combines decadence and sophistication in a medley of intoxicating accords.

Sweet and juicy cherry combines with smooth tobacco at the forefront of this sweet and smoky scent. Boozy notes provide added richness which is underpinned by patchouli and vetiver.

The chocolatey effect of the patchouli is an added twist that makes this unique composition a real treat and one which gourmand lovers will love, as will those who seek balance and complexity in their fragrances.

A very special and remarkable composition which we are proud to present in 2021.

Flur Gael is a mesmerising and elegant creation which enlivens the senses and elevates the spirits. This exquisite creation is fresh, vibrant and vivacious making it a perfect signature scent for day or night wear.

Sparkling citruses in the opening are joined by a heart of jasmine and iris. The soft powdery base of the scent provides a lingering sense of smooth and sensual sophistication.

The use of the finest ingredients and their refined blending have delivered a beautiful, timeless scent that purveys an aura of effortless style.
Here we have something truly special which we are very proud to add to our Ne Plus ultra collection.

Oud Opulenza is a lavishly exotic and mysterious scent with a positively regal aura – a mesmerising creation which exudes a sense of luxury and opulence.

The opening blast of bergamot gives way to delicate floral tones of rose, jasmine and magnolia. Warming patchouli and amber provide depth and character while precious oud imbues the scent with its unique and magical aroma.

Rich and seductive yet delicate and complex – Oud Opulenza is as enigmatic as it is enticing.

This stunning oriental fragrance is like a precious jewel at the core of our Ne Plus Ultra collection and will surely delight fans of all things extravagant and exuberant.