About Us

Pocket Scents was established in 2015, we noticed that the majority of the perfumes on the market were priced as luxury products. We felt by cutting out distributors, PR teams, and manufacturers costs we could offer a product that would compare and often surpass the quality of these perfumes for a far more affordable price point.

It has been a long and hard road to get to the position we are in now, but it has been a very worthwhile journey. Pocket Scents now has its own small lab and manufacturing facility, all of our products are tested and certified by a leading chemist in the UK with over 30 years of experience.

While Matt himself has trained as a perfumer, we have access to more experienced perfumers from UK, Europe, and further afield. Using experienced perfumers and manufacturers gives us access to some very rare and expensive ingredients that wouldn't normally be available to smaller companies like ours.

As an avid fan of all styles of perfumery, it is Matt's dream to give everyone access to a wide variety of fragrances and styles for an affordable price.

We hope you try our perfumes and enjoy your journey into the fascinating world of fragrance.

Best Wishes