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If a tracking number is provided by the shipping carrier, we will update your order with the tracking information. Please note that some orders using Royal Mail will not have tracking numbers.

We ship to all mainland UK Destinations including Northern Ireland, all of the UK islands including the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, unfortunately we cannot ship to The Republic of Ireland, Europe and further afield at the moment.

These terms refer to the amount of perfume compound is used in the finished product. Typically Eau de toilette is between 8%-12% – Eau de parfum 12%-20% – Extrait de parfum 20% +

The level of compound used does not always mean the fragrance will last longer and/or project further, some perfumes actually project further at lower concentrations – we always test our perfumes at different percentages to find its peak concentration level.

Top Notes – Are the 1st notes you smell, they are vibrant and light/fresh and usually fade away within the 1st 10mins – 30 mins.

Heart Notes –  As the name suggests, these are the notes in the middle of the perfume, usually floral notes, herbs, spices etc.

Base Notes – This is what is left on your skin after the other notes have faded, you will smell the base notes late into the perfumes wearing – perhaps around  4 hours +

Generally shipping charges are as follows:- 1st Class Royal Mail £3.50, Special Delivery (Next working day)  £7.50 we can pack up to 4 bottles in one package and one postal charge will apply.

Royal Mail Postage Restrictions on perfume carriage mean that one parcel can contain no more than 4 bottles and that none of the bottles can contain more than 150ml of perfume.

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